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Take my hand and let me lead you.

through the gates of heaven

Let me wrap you in my wings,

and protect you from all that is evil,

Let my touch be your eternal pleasure,

and let my light guide you to eternity...

For God has sent me to watch over you,

to love you like no other before..

To bring you faith in all things that you have lost faith in..

But most of all to bring you joy and peace..

As I stand before you and God today

I make this vow.. As long as there is breath in which I breathe, I will protect you, guide you,and love you.. beyond all things...

Stand beside you in whatever decisions you may choose..God has given you to me to cherish and love..

And for everyday for the rest of my life.. This angel is going to do just that.

May your spirit of love flow through, Let your smile stay

fresh and new. Always give joy  and happiness to all, With a glow for life, you will always be bright. Never let a soul be truer than yours, And always share your heart with all.May your days be filled with a special love,

As the special love you want shared with you.

May you never need or hurt,And may your troubles be none.

May you always have love to give,And may you feel the love of others.Rejoice in knowing you are the best you can be.

Your Special Angel

When you hear an Angel softly whisper to you,

In the light of the day, or the darkness of the night.

When you feel the presence of an Angel caress you,

And see their beautiful wings spread in graceful flight.

When something inside you just makes you smile,Or you feel a

warmth suddenly wash over your heart. When your dreams are beautiful

and include an Angel, As you lay with your head on your pillow, in the dark.

but I'm with you everyday,

As my loving heart, my soul, and my spirit,

will never be far away.

May the angels guard and guide you.

May visions of beauty surround you,

And may their love enfold you.

Love that person unconditionally, Overlook the small things.

Value that person & Express the love you feel.

When Angels Cry

When someone who was too young too die<

Is taken away without a reason why

The angels sing, the angels cry

The tears that fall are not tears at all

But memories that will never die

When angels cry there is no pain

Just a never-ending constant rain

Suffering, there is no more

Just glory and safety to all

When angels cry The whole world knows They gather the tears up like

delicate petals from a roseThe scent from each one destroys all fears

When angels cry People try to understand

How someone too young could be placed under the great Creator's hand
The answer to this question may never be known

When angels cry crystal  tears We glance up and  have no fears

For that person who was too  young to die

Is now also an angel Singing their

songs of mourning and

crying their tears of memory Up in the sky.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience...

But spiritual beings having a human experience...

I Trully Hope You

Enjoy My Pages


September 8 1999

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