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Lord Grant Us The Strength

That We Need This Day,
To Surpass Any Evil, That Satan May Throw Our Way,
We Need Your Love And Guidness,
From The Time We Break A New Dawn.
We Need Your Arms Around Us To Help Us Carry On.
We Ask Of You To Ease Our Sorrows,
To Wipe Away Our Tears
To Make Us Whole And New Again,
To Erase All Our Fears.
We Can Gently Feel Your Warming Touch
As It Brushes So Close To Our Heart.
Only To Wash Away Our Sins,
And To Grant Us A Brand New Start.
As Night Time Unfolds It's Darkness,
The Sky A Bitter Gray
We Need You Dear Lord Jesus,
At Our Side We Hope You'll Stay..

Today, This Day, Is Here For Living...
Tomorrow Is There For Dreaming,
Hoping And For Planning.....
I Must Decide, To Wisely Use These Precious Hours,
Without Fear, Haste Or Waste

A Little Girl Lay Awake One Night
Alone In A Hospital Bed,
She Closed Her Eyes And Prayed To GOD
And This Is What She Said
"Don't Let Daddy Be Too Sad,
And Don't Let Mommy Cry
Help Michelle Not To Be Lonely,
And Not To Be Shy.
Give My Dolls To The Little Girls,
Who Need Someone To Hug
And Give My Bear To The Boy At School
Who Always Sits Alone On The Rug,
Take The Flowers Beside My Bed,
And Give Them To Someone Who Needs
A Cheering Up, A Brighter Day,
Or Has A Yard All Filled With Weeds
As A Single Tear Rolled Down Her Cheek
And With The Last Breath She Drew She Said,
"Oh, And GOD, I Want My Wings To Be Blue."
~ Poem By Janet M. Potter...~

The Most Beautiful Action In The World Is To Love.
The Second Most Beautiful Is To Give

The Love We Give Away Is Never Gone;
It Is Kept In The Hearts Of Others

The Moment That We Are Born,
God Sends His Angels To Walk With Us
Through This Life To Protect Us
And Draw Us To His Loving Heart

Angels Come Into Our Lives Every Day,
But We Rarely Recongize Them


Mommy Went To Heaven,

But I Need Her Here Today,

My Tummy Hurts And I Fell Down,

I Need Her Right Away.

Operator Can You Tell Me How

To Find Her In This Book?

Is Heaven In The Yellow Part,

I Don't Know Where To Look.

I Think My Daddy Needs Her Too,

At Night I Hear Him Cry.

-I Hear Him Call Her Name Sometimes,

But I Really Don't  Know Why.

Maybe If I Call Her, She Will Hurry Home To Me.

Is Heaven Very Far Away, Is It Across The Sea?

She's Been Gone A Long, Long Time She Needs To Come Home Now!

I Really Need To Reach Her,

But I Simply Don't Know How.

Help Me Find The Number Please,

Is It Listed Under "Heaven"?

I Can't Read These Big Big Words,

I Am Only Seven.

Im Sorry Operator,

Didn't Mean To Make You Cry,

Is Your Tummy Hurting Too,

Or Is There Something In Your Eye?

If I Call My Church Maybe They Will Know.

Mommy Said When We Need Help,

That's The Place To Go.

I Found The Number To My Church Tacked Up On The Wall.

Thank You Operator, I'll Give Them A Call.

-Poem By: Donna Groleau..

The Mind Open To Angel Visits,

And Repels The Ministry To Evil,

It Is Pure Human Love

Sometimes In Life, A Darkness May Behold Our Lives,
And In Times Of Weakness,
We Ask "Why?",  But Without Some Darkness...
How Could We Appreciate The Shining Light ?

God Created Many Special People
To Behold One, Just Look In The Mirror

Beauty Is Not In The Face; Beauty Is A Light In The Heart
When I Say I Love You, I See You As You Are--
Beautifully  Special And Unique, Like No One Else In God's Universe


Whatever Your Cross, Whatever Your Pain,

After The Rain. Perhaps You May Stumble,

Perhaps Even Fall, But God's Always Ready

To Answer Your Call.

He Knows Every Heartache, Sees Every Tear,

A Word From His Lips Can Calm Every Fear.

Your Sorrows May Linger Throughout The Night,

But Suddenly Vanish At Dawn's Early Light.

The Savior Is Waiting Somewhere Above,

To Give You His Grace And Send You His Love.

Whatever Your Cross, Whatever Your Pain,

God Always Sends Rainbows After The Rain.

      To Love for The Sake Of Being Loved Is Human,

But To Love for The Sake Of Loving Is Angelic

I'm So Glad You Are A Part Of My Life, And I'm So Greatful For All That We Share Together

Angels Don't Worry About You.. They Believe In You

If You Want To Make God Smile, ust Try ..And Make Plans For The Future

Angels Appreciate Things About You That You Thought No One Else Ever Notice

Love Isn't So Much Looking Into Each Other's Heart...

But Following Those Dreams Hand In Hand

The One Thing We Can Never Get Enough Of Is Love,

And The One Thing We Can Never Give Enough Of Is Love

The Light Of God Surrounds Us, Enfolds Us,

The Power Of God Protects Us,

The Presence Of God Watches Over Us

Wherever We Are, God Is

If I Had A Flower I Could Walk Forever In My Garden

Where There Is Great Love There Are Always Miracles

The Hunger For Love Is Much More

Difficult To Remove

Than The Hunger For Bread.

Mother Teresa

How Deep Is Your Love
The BeeGees

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