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  Thank You

For Joining Me

As I Share A Moment

Of Peace And Tranquility

From My Heart To Yours ...

All Are Welcome Here...

 In Peace And Love...

Regardless Of Differences In Beliefs,

Religion, Race Or Color...

"If You Seek An Angel With An Open Heart... You Shall Always Find One."


Please Be Patient While The Pictures Load

Some People come into

our lives and quickly go.

Some stay for a while,

leave footprints on our hearts

and we are never, ever, the same.

True friends are like diamonds...Precious and rare.
False friends are like leaves...Found everywhere!

May You Always Be Surrounded

By The Joys OF Good Friends

Furry Critters, Good Books

Good Music , Endless Laughter,

The Love Of Someone

Special In Your Life,

Beautiful Sunsets ,

And The Long Lasting Smell Of Roses

"Let The World Know You As You Are,

Not As You Think You Should Be."

Life Is Like A Coin,

You Can Spend It

Any Way You Want,

But You Can Only

Spend It Once.

Inmature Love Says:

"I Love You Because

I Need You,

Mature Love Says:

I Need You Because

I Love You

If Your Love Is True,

Not Even

The Strongest Sea

Would Separate

You Two

Love Does Not Consist

Of Looking At Each Other,

But In Looking Together

In The Same Direction

Who Wills, Can. Who Tries, Does. Who Loves, Lives

Some Love Lasts A Lifetime. True Love Lasts Forever

When You Are Lonely,

I Wish You Joy,

When You Are Troubled I Wish You Peace,

When Things Are Complicated, I Wish You Simple Beauty,

When Things Look Empty, I Wish You Hope,

I Wish You Jesus...

He Is All This Things, And More;

If There Is Anything Better

Than To Be Loved,

It Is Loving

When a friend is in trouble,

don't annoy him by asking

if there is anything you can do.

Think of something appropriate,

and do it.

The Best And Most

Beautiful Things

In The World

Cannot Be Seen

Or Even Touched.

They Must

Be Felt With The Heart

If you Love Someone, Let Them Go.

If They Return To You,

It was Meant To Be.

If They Don't,

Their Love Was Never

Yours To Begin With

Patience With Others Is Love,

Patience With Self Is Hope,

Patience With God Is Love

A Tender Kiss

To The 3 Angels

That God Sent Me,

My Kids.

Life Is A Song - Sing It.

Life Is A Game - Play It.

Life Is A Challenge -

Meet It. Life Is A Dream - Realize It.

Life Is A Sacrifice - Offer It.

Life Is Love - Enjoy It

Listen To A Child

And You Will Learn Much

A True Friend

Warms You

With Her Presence,

Trusts You

With Her Secrets,

And Remembers You

In Her Prayers

May The Angels Always

Hold You Close,

May You Always

Walk In God's Light

Make New Friends, But keep The Old...

One Is Silver, The Other Is Gold

Angels Don't Worry About You,They Believe In You.

God, Grant Me The Serenity To Accept

The Things I Can Not Change...

Courage To Change The Things I Can...

And The Wisdom To Know The Difference

Making the decision to have a child -

it's momentous.

It is to decide forever

to have your heart go walking

around outside your body."

Climb High, Climb Far. Your Goal? The Sky.
Your Aim? The Stars

If You Like To See The

You Gotta Put

Up With The Rain

Be Happy While

You're Living.

For You're A Long Time Dead

We Are, Each Of Us,

Angels With Only One Wing

And Can Only Fly

By Embracing One Another

Life, Is The Gift Of Nature,

Love, The Gift Of Life,

A Kiss, The Gift Of Love

Pray For The Things You Want..

Work For The Things You Need...

Where There Is Faith,

There Is Love

Where There Is Love,

There Is Peace,

Where There Is Peace,

There Is God

Where There Is God,

There Is No Need

If we want to put a smile

on an angel's face, we will stop hiding

the truth about ourselves from ourselves.

We will begin to realize that God

already knows the worst about us

and loves us anyway.

Looking forward

Strains the eyesight;

Looking upward opens


In Your Dreams, Search For The Pot Of Gold

At The End Of The

In Your Life,

Search For The

Do Not Regret Growing Older.

It Is A Privilege Denied To Many Who Die Young

You Don't

Love a Woman

Because She

Is Beautiful,

But She Is Beautiful

Because You Love Her

Who Travels For Love

Finds A Thousand Miles

Not Longer Than One

There Is One

Thing We Can

Do Better

Than Anyone Else:

We Can Be Ourselves

Love Is Friendship

That Has Caught Fire.

It Is Quite Understanding,

Mutual Confidence,

Sharing And Forgiving.

It Is Loyalty Through

Good And Bad Times

You Can Give Without Loving,

But You Cannot

Love Without Giving

Muy Cerca,

Juntos O Distantes,

Siempre Estaremos

De Corazon A Corazon

A friend Is Like An Angel

Who Holds Onto You

After Others Have Let Go

You Don't Stop Laughing

Because You Grow Old,

You Grow Old

Because You Stop Laughing

Being Deeply Loved By Someone

Gives You Strength,

While Loving Someone Deeply

Gives You Courage

Don't Put Off For Tomorrow

What You Can Do Today,

Because If You Enjoy It Today

You Can Do It Again Tomorrow

Don't Forget Where

You Came From,

You Never Know If You

May Have To Go Back

Be A Good Listener.

This Means Looking At People

While They're Talking To You

And Genuinely Paying Attention

To What They're Saying

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And Would Like To

Make Any Comments,

Feel Free To E-Mail Me

It Will Be My Pleasure To Read It.

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Thanks...Have A Wonderful Life.

By: July 1998

Dream As If You'll Live Forever;

Live As If You'll Die Today

Every Time

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